SuperComputing 2022 Events

Join us in Dallas, Texas for the Arm HPC User Group research symposium and Birds of a Feather Session!

AHUG SC22 Symposium

November 14th

8 AM- 4 PM US Central Standard Time

Westin Dallas Downtown

SC22 AHUG Birds of Feather

November 15th

5:15 PM – 6:45 PM US CST

Room C141-143-149

SC Venue – Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center

AHUG SC 2022 Symposium

 November 14th, 8 AM – 4 PM US Central Time (GMT-5)

The Arm HPC User Group (AHUG) SuperComputing (SC 2022) AHUG symposium was held from 8 AM to 4 PM Dallas, Texas time (GMT-5) on November 14th, 2022.

This was a full-day event without proceedings that was held in an in-person format at the Westin Dallas Downtown hotel.

AHUG SC 22 Symposium Agenda

Time (US CST) Talk Title Presenter/Moderator Affiliation
8:05 Bylaws, AHUG Election Results, New Managing Director Introduction Jeffrey Young AHUG, Georgia Tech
8:15 Introduction and Thoughts on Future of AHUG Simon McIntosh-Smith AHUG, University of Bristol
8:25 Early Application Experiences on a Modern GPU-Accelerated Arm-based HPC Platform Wael Elwasif Oak Ridge National Laboratory
8:45 Nvidia dev kit (Arm+A100): from Federated Learning to HPC Marco Aldinucci University of Torino
9:05 Are we ready for broader adoption of ARM in the HPC community:
Benchmarks and Applications on High-End ARM Systems with XDMoD Application Kernels
Nikolay A Simakov SUNY
9:25 First experiences with an Arm-based HPC-testbed at NHR@KIT Rene Caspart Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
9:45 Break
10:15 Discovering the performance and efficiency of Ampere Altra cloud-native processors for HPC workloads Mike Bennett, Bryan Gartner Ampere, SUSE
10:35 The perfect marriage of hardware and software – what NVIDIA Grace Superchip family brings to HPC and AI Ian Finder NVIDIA
10:55 HPC really is accelerating with some help from AWS Graviton 3 Brendan Bouffler AWS
11:15 DPU Computing – Addressing HPC/AI Performance Bottlenecks Gilaid Shainer NVIDIA
11:35 Additional Time for Q&A
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 A Performance Comparison of Common Open-source HPC Software on Graviton 3 Scott Wieland Rescale
13:20 Running Altair’s Radioss Commercial Solver at Scale on Arm Eric Lequiniou Altair
13:40 Using gem5 for design space explorations Bine Brank and Dirk Pleiter FZ Juelich, KTH
14:00 Machine Learning on Arm Servers Milos Puzovic and Ashok Bhat Arm
14:20 Update from SiPearl Craig Prunty SiPearl
14:40 Break
15:10 Porting intrinsics – real world observations and experiences from heavily-optimized genomics codes David Lecomber Arm
15:25 Tackling the Arm architecture for the CEA-DRF France Boillod-Cerneux CEA
15:40 Porting the Particle-In-Cell (PIC) code WarpX on Arm-based supercomputers Thomas Clark, Henri Vincenti CEA
16:00 Closing Remarks; Closing Reception from 1600-1700




Please send any questions you might have about this event to the SC event organizers – Jeff Young, Steve Poole, Mitsuhisa Sato, Valerio Schiavoni, Michele Weiland at

Directions to the AHUG SC22 Event

The SC22 AHUG event was held in the Westin in Downtown Dallas, a short walk from the convention center.

SC 2022 AHUG Birds of a Feather

Time: November 15th, 5:15-6:45 PM CST

BoF Title: Arm Diversity Unified: Standardization in Hardware and Software

Session Leader: John Linford

Room: C141-143-149

Additional Session Leaders: Eva Siegmann, Steve Poole, Michèle Weiland, Jeffrey Young

BoF Description: This BoF brings together the Arm HPC community to discuss how current and future standards will influence the growing diversity of Arm-related hardware and software.  A panel composed of government, academic, and industry practitioners and vendors will discuss whether hardware standards (e.g., Armv9 and SBSA) and software standards (e.g., C++ Standard Parallelism and OpenMP) can sufficiently support the growing and diverse Arm hardware ecosystem. Audience participation is strongly encouraged with a focus on answering standards-related questions and facilitating the growth and interoperability of future Arm-based extreme scale systems.