ISC 2019 Workshop

AHUG ISC 21 Workshop Agenda (2-6 CEST, 2nd July 2021)

WorkSince this workshop is a half-day virtual event for ISC21, we have opted to allow speakers to record longer talks for posting on YouTube followed by a “lightning talk” presentation and Q&A session. Attendees can register for this workshop via the official ISC website (requiring a workshop pass) and can join the discussion with presenters on the AHUG Slack (free to join).

Time Speaker Organization Talk Title (and YouTube video link)
Session Chair: Mitsuhisa Sato RIKEN R-CCS
2:00:00 PM CEST Jeffrey Young, Oscar Hernandez Georgia Tech, NVIDIA Brief introduction to AHUG Workshop
2:10 Masaru Kase Fujitsu Supercomputer Fugaku
2:20 Eva Siegmann Stony Brook University Experiences with the Ookami A64FX Testbed
2:30 Miwako Tsuji RIKEN R-CCS Performance Evaluation of A64FX Arm Processor using the Fiber Miniapp Suite
2:40 Yuetsu Kodama RIKEN R-CCS Evaluation SPEC CPU and SPEC OMP on A64FX
2:50 Kenjo Nakajima The University of Tokyo Integration of (Simulation + Data + Learning) for Innovative Scientific Computing by h3-Open-BDEC on Wisteria/BDEC-01
3:00 – BREAK
Session Chair: Andrew Younge Sandia National Laboratories
3:10 Miquel Moreto UPC and BSC BWA-MEM2 evaluation on A64FX
3:20 RuQing (G.) Xu Dept. Physics, The University of Tokyo Tuning BLIS for SVE512 Chip A64FX
3:30 Stepan Nassyr Juelich Supercomputing Centre BLIS on A64FX
3:40 Andrei Poenaru University of Bristol An Evaluation of the Fujitsu A64FX for HPC Applications
3:50 Bine Brank PhD Student at Juelich Supercomputing Centre Improving compiler auto-vectorisation with Parallelware Analyzer
4:00 – BREAK
Session Chair: Oscar Hernandez NVIDIA
4:10 Federica Filippini Politecnico di Milano Energy Reduction for AI Loads
4:20 Gilad Shainer NVIDIA Cloud Native Supercomputing
4:30 Steve Messenger and Srinath Vadlamani Amazon / Arm Building an Arm HPC Cluster on AWS /
Performance exploration of Nalu on aarch64 systems
4:40 Sarat Sreepathi Oak Ridge National Laboratory E3SM Pathfinding on Fugaku
4:50 Craig Prunty SiPearl Arm and the European Exascale Processor
5:00 – BREAK
Session Chair: Jeff Young
5:10 Thomas Bradley and John Linford NVIDIA (Tom), Arm (John) HPC Applications on ARM+NVIDIA A100
5:20 Hatem Ltaief Extreme Computing Research Center, KAUST Meeting The Real-Time Challenges of Ground-Based Telescopes Using Low-Rank Matrix Computations
5:30 Andrew Younge Sandia National Laboratories Sandia Experiences with Arm
5:40 Andy Warner HPE Crossing the Chasm – Expanding and Maturing ARM solutions for HPC
5:50 Jeff Young

Workshop wrap-up

Virtual Talks
  Jeff Hammond NVIDIA NWChem on ARM: 7 years and going strong


ISC 2021 AHUG Workshop

July 2nd, 2021. 2-6 PM Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)

Please note that this event will be held in a digital fashion as an official ISC workshop without proceedings.

 Please check back late the week of June 21st for the workshop agenda! 


Speaker Announcement (closed for new submissions)
The Arm HPC User Group (AHUG) invites you to submit a presentation for the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC 2021) AHUG digital workshop to be held from 2 PM to 6 PM Frankfurt, DE time (GMT+2) on July 2nd, 2021. This is a half-day event without proceedings that will be held in a digital-only format. Presenters in live sessions are expected to register for the ISC workshop track since this is an official ISC workshop.


We anticipate having panel sessions and short talks as part of the official program with a preference for live talks for presenters. Depending on the number of accepted speakers, we anticipate talks being in the range of 10-15 minutes with a possible option to contribute a longer version of the talk to be highlighted via the AHUG website and hosted the official AHUG YouTube channel.


Note that other than the normal registration fee collected by ISC for official workshops (49€ for early bird non-student rate and 69€ for regular rate), there are no fees or membership requirements for participating in this event.


Please send any questions you might have about this event to the officially listed ISC event organizers – Jeffrey Young (jyoung9 at gatech dot edu), Oscar Hernandez, Steve Poole, or Andrew Younge. You can also email any of the AHUG board members (Christelle Piechurski, Steve Poole, Mitsuhisa Sato, Valerio Schiavoni, Michele Weiland, Jeff Young) who are helping to organize this event at


AHUG Workshop Timeline

  • Call for Presenters opens: April 5th
  • Call for Presenters closes: May 5th
  • Early Bird Registration for Accepted Presenters Ends: May 6th
  • Agenda published: June 25th
  • Workshop: July 2nd, 2-6 PM Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)



ISC 2021 Birds of Feather

June 30th, 2021. 3:15 – 3:50 PM Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)

Please note that this event will be held in a digital fashion as an official ISC BoF using Swapcard. Please see the ISC schedule for more information on this event.

This Birds of Feather session will allow for attendees to discuss topics they feel are relevant for growing Arm HPC around the world. Organizers from AHUG and related organizations will help host and will pose questions that attendees can provide feedback on to help propose new community focus areas for the upcoming year.